by Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Have you ever wondered how we would tell time if we didn’t have night and day?

Think about it for a second: our clocks with their seconds and minutes and hours; our calendars with their days and weeks and months; all based on the rotation of our planet as it revolves around the Sun.

What if it was always day? Or always night? How would you tell if a day had passed? Or if you were a year older?

I’m sure that we would have devised something eventually, but I’m still grateful that the Creator set things in motion as we see them today. If for no other reason, I’ll always be glad that we have days and nights for one thing: after every night comes a new day. And with it, a chance to begin again.

Hear You Me

Jimmy Eat World

There’s no one in town I know

You gave us some place to go

I never said thank you for that

I thought I might get one more chance

What would you think of me now?

So lucky, so strong, so proud

I never said thank you for that

Now I’ll never have a chance

May angels lead you in

Hear you me my friends

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

May angels lead you in

And if you were with me tonight

I’d sing to you just one more time

A song for a heart so big

God wouldn’t let it live

May angels lead you in

And, a picture in honour of this time of the year. Hope everyone has a good week.


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  1. Anonymous #
    October 19, 2004

    Interesting thought – I think people living in the NWT might have somewhat of an idea during the middle of Dec (2 weeks of straight darkness) and the middle of June (2 weeks of straight daylight).


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