by Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Not too long ago, a young man named Jasper and a young woman named Teslin were married. And because they were both from very wealthy families, their lavish wedding was followed by a yearlong trip to the continent.

After crossing the channel at Arcae, they boarded a large, luxurious carriage and headed to their first destination, Paris. All the way there, they discussed the things they would see and do, and as they were still living in wedded bliss, the time passed quickly. Once they arrived, too eager to even wait for the servants, Jasper opened the door and began to step down when he was stopped by a scream from Teslin. ‘Look!’ She cried, pointing out the window.

Looking in the direction of her gaze, he suddenly realised why the servants had not as yet descended. For there, a few feet from the carriage, was a small bush, rustling as if possessed by a faerie or another similarly evil creature. Fearing for the safety of his wife, Jasper quickly closed the door and commanded the servants to head for their next stop. Thankfully, they had packed much provisions, so Jasper and Teslin (and their servants) were quite willing to wait until they reached Senones to truly begin their honeymoon.

It was early in the morn when they arrived, but after many days in the carriage, they were only too happy to step out into the crisp morning air. But again, Teslin cried out. Jasper looked around, and there, near the wheel was a shaking bush. In fact, it appeared to be the same bush! And Jasper, while being wonderful in many ways, was not truly a brave man. He banged the door shut and pleaded with the servants to move on to Divopia.

But it was there in Divopia as well! And in Geneva. And in Vienna, and Valencia, and Avenio. The faerie bush was everywhere they went! And to make matters worse, their supplies were running low. So Jasper decided that it would be best to retrace their steps and return to the safety of England and home.

After they had reached Arcae, Jasper told the servants to drive to the docks and then find the nearest ship. Once there, Jasper slowly opened the door and looked down. And there, as expected, was the bush.

But by now, Jasper was as a man gone mad. He ran down the coach steps, ignoring the cries of Teslin and the servants, and thrust his hands into the bush. He wrapped his hands around whatever it was that was inside and yanked as hard as he could. And when he looked down to see what was in his hands, he found himself holding the yellow sheep.

I know, I know, I’m good.

If you have no idea whatsoever of what’s going on, read The Tale of The Yellow Sheep. It’ll ruin the story for you, but what the hey – it’s better than nothing.



  1. December 5, 2005

    I don’t get it. Is this (and the orignal post) a digitalmud original, or a reference to some other literary work? I don’t have a sense of closure here. Is this your version of “Lost”?


  2. December 7, 2005

    You’ll just have to wait and see!

    *Laughs in a very evil manner.*

    Oh, wait… I already posted an explanation.

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