by Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Merlin Mann, recently speaking about a book called Haley’s Hints and its like, said, “I’m convinced it’s partly what made me into the sort of person drawn to the life hacks phenomenon.” After some thought, I realised that Reader’s Digest had a similar effect on me.

I know that the Digest isn’t exactly ‘high’ literature, but when I was a kid, it almost always provided a good read. And, now that I think on it, it also probably provided me with a lot of things I shouldn’t have been reading at such a tender age…

Anyway. I remembr that I read an article about migraine headaches entitled (I think) “The Hell in My Head”. The author visited a medical centre devoted to the study of headaches and found out that s/he was actually having an alergic reaction to nuts or chocolate or something of the sort.

Speaking of chocolate, did you know that dark chocolate (yum!) has more anti-oxidents than both wine and green tea? It’s true, I heard it on this week’s episode of Wait, Wait — Don’t Tell Me!.

It’s that article – and a particular picture from it, with a woman having a spike driven into her temple – that comes to mind whenever I have a similar affliction. As I am having now. But there’s a bright side to this. As a result of my being unable to study, I wrote this very post that you’re reading. And isn’t that just great?

And that’s it.

Wish me luck. I have an Ethics exam tomorrow. I’m going to have to cheat if I’m to pass. Ha ha. Get it? Ethics… Cheat. I just crack myself up sometimes.


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  1. January 17, 2006

    Dark chocolate and green tea are my new addictions. A French friend of ours was telling us of the stringent laws that France has about the cocoa content in chocolate…the French seem to be serious about their chocolate! The dark chocolate that she brings back from France taste much much better than the stuff that we have in the U.S (not sure about the candy from Canada).

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