Displayport V1.2 To Take Giant Leap Over HDMI

MortenMW: Has Monster started producing these yet? I cant wait to get some high-quality cables!
rolfwind: Monster? Ha! A cheap fabrication for those who don’t know better. Ever since I switched to triple platinum-plated (no cheap gold here!) Pear Anjou cables, the colors on my monitor have been much deeper, richer and more vibrant, truly life-like! That’s because they have a proprietary hybrid geometry, and the platinum plating provides ultra-low electrical reactance and the underlying copper is fully annealed 99.999% pure oxygen free. Not that cheap copper you get everyplace. All this combines to allow for new levels of digital accuracy.
Rogerborg: Oh… are people still using platinum? Well, I guess if you’re willing to settle, rather than pay for unicorn horn, then it won’t degrade your signal too much. Probably not enough to spoil your enjoyment, but a true videophile can tell.
StreetStealth: Not to drag this dry videophile discussion out too long, but I presume you’re not using cheap factory-raised unicorn horn, notorious for its poor standing wave sync-sweetening and shallow inter-bitstream raster resonance? Only unicorns raised in the Swiss Alps have the protein content in their horns that allows a digital signal to hit such crisp, sparkling 1s and deep, thick 0s.