Today, Canada is voting to elect her new government.

I’m completely unsure of what the results will be, of which party will end up forming the government, or if it will be a majority.  Truthfully, unfortunately, I feel ambivalent about this particular election at the national level.  I am not, however, ambivalent in the least about how important voting is.

Voting is a non-negotiable in my opinion.  If you have the privilege to vote, please consider it a duty and do so.  That’s trite, I suppose, but if we’re going to be friends you should know that’s how I feel.

Don’t worry, though.  If you missed your chance this time, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to take another crack at it in a few years.  That’s what makes this messy, divisive, often-slow, but every-so-often-uplifting thing we call democracy so beautiful.