5 minute boyfriend actor !!

Help this poor soul out.

Hi, I am looking for a CHINESE MAN that is aged between 25-29, that drives a black 2008 benz 4matic sedan, that can speak cantonese or mandarin, to MEET MY MOTHER… so she can leave me alone about the man that i’m seeing with the same descriptions as above. (since he is unwilling to meet her and she thinks i’m wasting my time seeing him, but what gives? i’m young. just having fun)

this will take less than … 5 mintue. lol i swear
i’ll treat you to dinner? lol

You must be polite, decent looking, and a GOOD ACTOR. I will teach you the script
I can be your reference if you want to put acting on your work experience on your resume.


Words fail me.

5 minute boyfriend actor !!