…the passing of the streetcars is a really sexy sound. Atom Egoyan, in conversation with Peter Howell about his new film, Chloe.

The problem with non

Seth Godin: “If your non-profit isn’t acting with as much energy and guts as it takes to get funded in Silicon Valley or featured on Digg, then you’re failing in your duty to make change.” This applies, really, not only to non-profits, but any form of public service as well.  If you’re not moving forward […]

Alan Turing here’s a toast to Alan Turing born in harsher, darker times who thought outside the container and loved outside the lines and so the code-breaker was broken and we’re sorry yes now the s-word has been spoken the official conscience woken — very carefully scripted but at least it’s not encrypted — and […]

No, no, hold on. Dr. King, I’ll let you finish, but you gotta know that I, Kanye West, have also had some pretty great dreams. Cabel Sasser, summing up that fiasco quite nicely.

We did it the way we did everything. Not necessarily the right way, but our way. Spike Jonze, on some of his earliest work in an article by Saki Knafo about the forthcoming Where The Wild Things Are.